Often we can feel ‘stuck’ in our relationships, our work, or our family lives. My process is to explore with my clients their values, beliefs, and concerns through conversation and play. By doing so, we are able to engage the all important relational spaces and create a range of possibilities for positive change and growth.

Dr. Saliha Bava, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is interested in relationships and how play can help them grow. Her practice focuses on the “we spaces” between people in relationships, communities, and businesses.

COVID-19 Resources

Family Resiliency During COVID-19
Preps & Check-ins During COVID-19


Couples Therapy

Relationships and conversations go hand-in-hand. Learn how your relational dance is your call and response to a happier you.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not a noun or an adjective. It is a verb. Enhance your relational intelligence to increase your effectiveness as a collaborative and creative leader.


Learn about relational practices for collaboration, inclusion and responsive change with families, communities and organizations.

Team Building

Rapid change creates a culture of uncertainty and an opportunity for innovation. Learn how to create an inclusive culture of collaboration and creativity.