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Consult with Dr. Saliha Bava to create a more connected and meaningful personal,  professional, and organizational life. 

Practice Areas

Dr. Bava brings 30 years of experience to being a:

Therapist: Couple & Family; Organizations

Regenerate your relationships by breaking out of stuck patterns. Reexamine and make visible the social scripts constraining your creativity. Reignite the magic in the mundane. Relearn the value of disrupting hurtful patterns to write new scripts and design generative pathways for a richer life.

Consultant: Relationally Intelligent Leading

In an increasingly complex world, being an inclusive leader is not a noun or an adjective, but an action verb. Move beyond your "role" to harness the power of your vision and team as a relationally intelligent leader. Expand and execute for equity!

Facilitator: Creative Collaborative Team Building

In a rapidly changing culture, teams need agility, inclusiveness, and space for innovation. Dr. Bava leads teams in experiential processes to increase their sense of belonging, voice, and creativity. She designs customized processes for counteracting domination-based practices.

Trainer: Relational Practices for Inclusion & Belonging

Dr. Bava offers training for organizations and therapists on collaborative, dialogic, and relational practices for a connected and humanized life. She customizes engaged training for leveraging the power of uncertainty and disruption for inclusion, innovation and growth.

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Years in Practice

Dr. Saliha Bava

Dr. Saliha Bava, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is interested in relationships and how relational play can help them grow. Her practice focuses on the “we spaces” between people in relationships, communities, and organizations.  

Why Choose Dr. Bava

Consultancy is about the relationship and results! They are impacted by:


Dr. Bava has been committed to human development for over 30 years. Drawing on her experience from India, she brings an Eastern sensibility to the Western world she lives in. She has worked in the development sector, emergency response and recovery and in organization development/change. She has helped many relationships in personal and professional contexts. She is currently an Associate Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy at Mercy College for the past 10 years.


Dr. Bava approaches all consultation as a joint inquiry that builds on what works for you while attending to the context and the change you seek. Drawing on relational practices of collaborative-dialog and creative experiential methodologies, she designs the change process with clients. Her approach is to connect, contextualize, and co-create.


Dr. Bava focuses on the change you want and its relationship to your larger context. She listens with care and curiosity to your values, vision, and vulnerabilities from within your context to help you find a way that is personal and meaningful to you. She helps you map your strengths and gaps/opportunities. She helps you create the desired change where people want to belong because they feel seen and heard.

What Our Clients & Collaborators Say

Across contexts, Dr. Bava’s approach and skills to create transformation are well known. She has been called a “therapist for organizations” and therapist’s therapist.

I came in to see you with no expectations at all and with extremely little self awareness of myself, my thoughts and emotions. Five months later, I feel like a brand new person and whether having a good or not so good day, I’m happy with myself and things around me in general. I have this new sense of appreciation for everything and it’s all really thanks to you and the clarity you have brought about to me.
Former Client
Saliha's perspective is fresh and exciting; she knows just when to introduce an odd variable and how to make it work...To this day, I value her teachings and collaboration with me very much and I'm grateful that I was fortunate enough to work alongside her.
Adriana E. Gil-Wilkerson, MS, LMFT
Colleague & Collaborator
Saliha is an amazing supervisor and therapist with abilities and talents that exceed the norm for helping students and clients explore previously unimaginable possibilities...She shares a wealth of knowledge in a non-intimidating manner that invites therapists to consider new approaches and frameworks with confidence. Saliha encourages and motivates therapists to build from their own strengths and life experiences while reaching toward new potential.
Lisa Descant, LPC-S, LMFT-S
Former Supervisee

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From Dr. B's Desk

Dr. Bava, a New York state Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is interested in relationships and how relational play can help them grow. Check out the resources on the “we spaces” for people interested in relationships, communities, and businesses.

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Relational Intelligence Resources

Checkout the books authored by Dr. Bava to grow your relational intelligence in your personal and professional lives.

Relational Practice Resources

These video conversations on relational practices can be used for personal growth and in teaching/training. 



Relational Play Resources

Take a listen to grow your relational superpowers with your partner, children and friends. Practice tips included. 



Trainings & Workshops

Stay tuned for the up coming workshops and trainings worldwide. Online training and supervision groups are also offered currently.

Intern with Dr. Bava

Are you a student? Want to be a research intern with Dr. Bava?

Dr. Bava runs a Play Lab in NYC where she explores the generative value of improvisation in emergence in everyday life of couples, leaders, and organizations. Contact her if you want to join her research team.