Our Stories. Our Play. Our Lives.


We are born out of relationships into relationships. Our interconnected lives are an improvised dance with those we are in relationship with.

Missteps are par for the course. Over time, they can take on a life of their own based on the stories we create about our dance. And sometimes, we feel stuck.

However, we can learn from our missteps, notice what we are co-creating, and change our stories to create a more generative, happier life with each other! Want to learn how to do so?

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Consulting. Coaching. Training.

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

Challenged? Missing connection?
Life's twist and turns can distract us from our couple relationship. Regenerate your passion. Rekindle your play. Re-imagine your partnership and future.

Leadership Coaching

Team challenges? Seeking Growth? Relational intelligence is key to culture, team building, and your own success. Contact us for a personalized workout!

Training & Keynotes

Interested in training? Or in a Keynote? Contact me or join me for one of my workshops. Click above to learn what's up next.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Pre-Marital Coaching

Merging life paths? Cross-Cultural?
Let's talk about how your similarities and differences can be resources or liabilities depending on the context. Learn how to build a passionate, fun life together.

Life Choice Coaching

Life Choice Coaching

Stuck? Confused?
Personally or professionally, we all face challenging life choices. And often, choice in one area can affect the other. At times, it helps to have a coach along. Try out coaching!

Life Transitions Workshops

Life Transitions Workshops

Anxious? Lost? Overwhelmed?
Change is part of life & the world around us. Anticipated or unanticipated, they can throw a curve ball. Need a sounding board? Seeking agility? Join us for our workshops and retreats.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Too much? Not Enough?
We live interconnected lives and face interconnected challenges. Family members welcome in real-time or virtually.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Seeking peace, happiness?
Communication in a complex world often creates miscommunication and conflict. Learn how to transform your patterns of conflict into generative spaces for partnering.

Diploma Advisor

Earn a diploma, under my guidance via the Taos Institute, for pursuing a project that excites you.


The Relational Book for Parenting


May 18, 2019, 10 AM- 1PM


• Learn to spot damaging cultural scripts • Focus on relationship over roles • Grow intimacy and decrease conflict • Grow generosity and compassion in your relationship

June 27-29, 2019

Brno, Czech Republic

An International Congress on Collaborative-Dialogic Practices. I present on: - Creativity & Playfulness - Hyperlinked Identities



Dr. Saliha Bava, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and consultant, helps people design generative professional and personal relationships using collaborative and creative (play/action-oriented) approaches. Her practice focuses on the “we spaces” between people in relationships, communities and businesses. She conducts play/workshops world over to actively engage in the art of exploring and engaging play (trial/error, agility, improvisation & emergence) for its creative generative potential.

Dr. Bava combines interdisciplinary ideas and methodologies to partner with clients and organizations for creating positive, generative change. She embraces living as a process of improvised inquiry. She also provides training in research and relational thinking for professionals interested in systems, leadership, change, collaborative-dialogic practices and organization development.

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I came in to see you with no expectations at all and with extremely little self awareness of myself, my thoughts and emotions. Five months later, I feel like a brand new person and whether having a good or not so good day, I’m happy with myself and things around me in general. I have this new sense of appreciation for everything and it’s all really thanks to you and the clarity you have brought about to me.”




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