Video Conversations

In a conversation titled “Collaborative Practices in Personal & Professional Lives: Transforming ‘Withness‘ Relationships and Conversations,” Dr. Saliha Bava and Dr. Harlene Anderson discuss Relational Practices and how they transform relationships. Recorded June 20, 2012. Length: 25 minutes.


In a conversation titled “Research as Performance,” Dr. Saliha Bava and Dr. Sheila McNamee discuss Constructionism, Relational Practices and how they inform new ideas about research and performance. Recorded March 21, 2012. Length: 37 minutes.


Drs. Saliha Bava, Ken Gergen and Mary Gergen in conversation about living constructionist practices in our personal lives. Ken and Mary Gergen, co-founders of the Taos Institute, talk about the role constructionism has played in their marriage and personal lives. Recorded March 20, 2012. Length: 32 minutes.

Drs. Saliha Bava and Papusa Molina (María Luisa Molina López) in conversation about the power of the not knowing position in our everyday lives. Papusa Molina is the Executive Director of Instituto Kanankil in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Recorded in Playa Del Carmen in 2012. Length: 34 minutes.