Frequently asked questions about my therapy practice:

Who do you work with?

I help couples and families who present with relationship and life transition challenges. I work with teens and adults of all ethnic, gender and/or sexual identities.

What kinds of problems do you work with?

Each person’s problem is unique to them. So I think it is best to give me a call for a free 20-minute consult to determine if I can help you. That said, I am experienced in working with relational, emotional, conflictual issues that are challenging, painful and/or log-jammed.  I can help with loss, loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression-related conditions.

How about types of couple issues?

On one hand, I have helped couples who are seeking to grow their relationship and are generally satisfied but want to make the best of their relationship. And on the other hand, I have helped couples who experience loss of passion, intimacy or feel sexually misaligned. Couples seeking creative help for traumatic experiences and/or negative cycles in their relationship will be at an advantage in working with me, due to my background in trauma and relational play. Couples in mixed-marriages/partnership learn how to creatively engage their differences as a catalyst for a happier life.

What kinds of family issues?

Families are in a constant process of change and transition. I have experience in working with beginning family life issues to dissolving, reconstituted and blended families.  As we become global immigrants, families seek me out to address cultural transition/adjustment, relocation and/or how to maintain their cultural identity. Online issues anyone? How do we navigate the digital world and relationships?

What is your therapy format?

Couple and family therapy is the most common format. I also offer growth workshops and retreats.

What is your approach to therapy?

My approach is Collaborative Therapy, a school of Family Therapy, which emphasizes the clients’ expertise on their life. Using conversations and creative tools I work with my clients to create space for possibilities in their lives. Please feel free to ask me more when you meet me.

What languages do you speak?

English and Hindi

How long have you been working with clients?

I have 28 years of experience as a therapist. I have practiced in the US since 1995. I practiced in India for four years before that. I’m currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of New York.

Do you have weekend appointments?

Yes! I only see clients on Friday afternoons & Saturday.

What should I expect in the first session?

A usual 1st session with couples is 1.5-2 hours long. We will start with a 5-10 minute paperwork after which we discuss the logistics of therapy and you are welcome to ask me questions about the process and my style of working. We then shift our focus to what brings you in and I listen to each person’s perspective about what he/she is seeking in therapy. Together, we design our next moves.

Do you accept health insurance?

I work on a case by case basis since health insurances usually do not cover relationship issues (which are not viewed as mental illness). I offer my services as an out-of-network provider.

Clients whose health care insurance plan includes out-of-network mental health benefits may receive partial reimbursement for the use of psychotherapy services. I will provide you with receipts for individual, couple, and family services which you can submit for reimbursement.

 How can I get reimbursed for my health care cost?

Please check with your health insurance provider to determine whether you are allowed to get reimbursed for services provided by non-participating (out-of-network) providers. You might also want to check the nature of your outpatient mental health benefits, i.e. ask your insurance provider “do you cover Family Psychotherapy, if recommended by a provider?”

How do we get started?

Please contact me by phone to set-up an appointment: 646-580-2282. I’m available for a FREE consultation to explore our fit.