Coaching for Professional Success

People constitute organizations. As people  enhance their relational skills and learn the art of focusing on the relational space, the organizational culture transforms. The culture of the organization in turn shapes the relational spaces creating a pulsating creative powerhouse.

What is Saliha’s process of coaching for professional growth and success?

1) Identifying Relationship Fit & Coaching Goals : Getting to your next perfect (or near perfect) step in life. What is your vision of who you want to be in 2-3 years? What are your key capacities and resources you are bringing ? What are your relational strengths, ie soft skills? How are they lining up with your values? I will use two generative exercises to help you line up (or do a plumb line check of)  your values, resources, and goals.

2) Mutual Inquiry & Assessment: What are the vision specific resources you posses, that you need to shape  (or not) to get where you are going? This is your “resource harness.” What additional resources do you need (skills, training, resources etc) to acquire to get where you are going? This is your “resource gap.” The resource harness and gap together will form your “resource design” which will help you align your skills/resources with you goals.

3) Emergent Design: Steps 1 and 2 will be our baseline for the coaching conversations to design the steps that will help you reach your goals. Using Dreamscaping© and Collaborative Inquiry we will grow your life design to be in sync with your values and resources.

4) Playful Engagement & Valuation: While you climb the steps towards your goals, I will walk beside you. Drawing on the principles of Relational Play and the Cycle of Uncertainty and Creativity©, I will help you follow your design for a better and more fulfilled life.

How do we get started?

Please contact me by phone or email to discuss your current issues and the best approach to fit your needs and available resources:
Phone: 646-580-2282