Life Design Through Therapy and Coaching Services

Dr. Saliha Bava offers family, couples, individual therapy and coaching services in New York City. She has over twenty years of experience helping people design lives that are meaningful and transformative.

Saliha’s approach to life designing

Saliha’s practice is based on the following perspectives:

  • Relational Thinking (RT): The mindful practice of designing life from within the Relational Space©, i.e., the spaces between people. RT helps to:
    • Relocate focus from the me to the we
    • Engender mutual priorities
    • Ask “How am I being ?” rather than “Who am I?”
    • Reflect on “How am I engaging?”
  • Relational Play: Improvised play from within the Relational Space©. It is the creation of the Mundane & Magical© by:
    • Playing with perspectives and possibilities (ideas)
    • Seeing the play in the mundane
    • Being the play
  • Collaborative Therapy: A personalized approach that is shaped from within our conversations and relationships. It is the process of:
    • Generative conversations
    • Appreciative and collaborative Inquiry
    • Trusting the “Uncertainty” of the process

Read my Blog to learn more about my approach and the concepts and processes I have created. If you are interested in learning about this for your professional practice, I’m available for consultation or as a supervisor .


How is therapy different from and similar to coaching?

Coaching is a future growth oriented process where one is seeking clarity on how to take action. A competent coach is like a good navigator who can read the map and signs and helps you design your course of action while you drive towards your accomplishments. Coaching focuses on reaching one’s personal and/or professional life goals using a clearly defined course of action.

Therapy is an exploration of meaning and change. A process from which action steps are mapped. Therapy can be a healing oriented process. It focuses on more deep rooted issues that challenge us from dreaming about growth. Therapist is a licensed professional while coaching is still in its infancy with regard to credentialing. All psychotherapists are trained mental health practitioners, but not all coaches have the extensive training in mental health, relational, couples and family issues.

Both processes are goal oriented and driven by the client. The professional is an active participant in designing and reflecting on the process with you. Both processes are borne from within the mutual inquiry that the client and the professional engage in relationship to the goals. Both are pathways for growth, action and change.