Dr. Saliha Bava offers family, couples, individual therapy and coaching services in New York City. She has over twenty years of experience helping people design lives that are meaningful and transformative.

Saliha offers the following consultation services:

Saliha’s approach to life designing

Saliha’s practice is based on the following perspectives:

  • Relational Thinking (RT): The mindful practice of designing life from within the Relational Space©, i.e., the spaces between people. RT helps to:
    • Relocate focus from the me to the we
    • Engender mutual priorities
    • Ask “How am I being ?” rather than “Who am I?”
    • Reflect on “How am I engaging?”


  • Relational Play: Improvised play from within the Relational Space©. It is the creation of the Mundane & Magical© by:
    • Playing with perspectives and possibilities (ideas)
    • Seeing the play in the mundane
    • Engaging uncertainty
    • Co-creating the emergent
    • Being the play


  • Collaborative-Dialogic Practices: A personalized approach that is shaped from within our conversations and relationships. It is the process of:
    • Generative Conversations
    • Appreciative and Collaborative Inquiry
    • Trusting the “Uncertainty” of the process
    • Learning by designing, diving & deconstructing