Relational and Performative Practices for Transformational Change: Collaboration and Dialogue

Participants will jointly inquire and explore the notions of social construction thinking as relational and performative practices for social transformation. We will use the process of joint inquiry and dialogue to further our understanding of how to create communities of collaborative practice.


The Course will consist of 5 units per semester as detailed below. A reading list and materials for the webinar will be provided for common foundation of relational thinking and performative practices. Using the learning community model, we will meet for five webinars, each for 1.5 hours along with online conversations via forum postings. An action-based project, of your choice, will be interwoven through the program to create space for applied learning. Based on who is participating, some additional customized readings will be added as well as guest experts invited. Though this course is offered as a 3-month course, contact me if you are interested in attending only the webinar or wish to supplement the International Certificate in Collaborative Practices.

Unit 1: Setting the Stage for Dialogic Practice: Using performative practices we will explore who we are and create a learning context that embodies relational thinking. This will be an experiential learning process.

Unit 2: Relational Thinking: We will explore the basic notions of social construction and relational thinking to understand the assumptions and implications for professional practice and everyday living.

Unit 3: Relational and Dialogical Self:  We will explore how self has been constructed historically. Learn how the notion of relational and dialogical self shifts our professional and personal lives.

Unit 4: Collaborative Inquiry: We will explore everyday living as processes of joint inquiry in making meaning which are performative actions. We will explore the art of “withness” and processes of “becoming” in relationships. The implications of a relational philosophical stance as practical and action-oriented methodology will be explored.

Unit 5: Planned & Spontaneous Performances: We will explore how we perform our everyday personal and professional lives. The ideas of improvisation, coordination and collaboration as organizing nodes for everyday practices will be explored. We will prepare for wrap up by designing how to share our action-oriented projects. Wrap-up: We will draw on the principles of Generative Knowledge Process to reflect on our learning and share our projects online.


May-August 2012 Course

The Webinars will be offered on Saturdays from 9-11AM (EST) starting May 26, 2012.

Unit 1: 05/26/12

Unit 2: 06/09/12

Unit 3: 06/30/12

Unit 4: 07/14/12

Unit 5: 07/28/12

Wrap-up: 08/11/12

* For Unit 1 & Unit 2 Webinars we will allow time for course orientation and for tips on use of technology.


The Course Fee is US $500.

*If you are taking this course as part of academic coursework or to supplement the International Certificate Program in Collaborative Practices, please contact me for further information. The course serves as one of four workshops towards the Taos-Tilburg PhD Program. Also please inform Dawn Dole if you are planning to take this course as part of your Taos-Tilburg PhD program.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund up to three weeks before course starts, 50% of the fee returned if within 3 weeks to 1 week before course starts, and no refund within a week of the course or after the course starts.

Contact Saliha for more information or to register.