Engaging Play: Work/Playshops for Success

Dr. Saliha Bava offers the following play/workshops for organizations and businesses to enhance success in innovation, creativity and/or growth in your organizations and for your employees and stakeholders. The benefits of these playful practices to participants are varied and might include:

  • Becoming or enhancing your presence as a creator in your organizational life
  • Engaging your fears/obstacles as allies
  • Enhancing your ability to spot more possibilities in everyday life interactions
  • Learning what’s your dance of uncertainty
  • Harnessing your uncertainty’s creative potential
  • Increasing your flexibility and spontaneity


Please select from the following work/playshops or feel free to contact Dr. Bava to customize one for your group or organization.


Engaging Uncertainty: Becoming A Playful Partner in Life

Interested in a better life? Interested in decoding the secret of life, i.e. hacking life? Then i say, let’s play! When is play most powerful? When we are in a place of uncertainty. So, how do you play when you are uncertain?

My practices focuses on exploring how living/learning/understanding is a relational activity. We explore how to hack life or create a meaningful life while dancing with uncertainty and valuing flexibility. Come explore and enhance your relationship to uncertainty, understanding and not-knowing as a way to increase your responsiveness to be collaborative. Play is central to relational and collaborative practices. This experiential workshop will explore useful ways of being that helps cultivate our playfulness as a practice of responsiveness. The workshop draws on the field of Performance Studies to explore frameworks for thinking and practice with play. We will use exercises to explore our relationship to uncertainty and how to engage the emergent while being present to not-knowing. It will be a fun and challenging experience. It will challenge you on how to be playfully serious and seriously playful at the same time.

After attending this presentation participants will:

    • Be introduced to a playful posture in everyday interactions
    • Be able to approach life as a creative activity
    • Be more comfortable in the process of creating with uncertainty
    • Draw on their playfulness to engage in understanding and collaborative practices
    • Expand on their understanding of play in life


Creating Possibilities for Change: How Therapists Play

This playshop is for therapists, coaches, change consultants and lifehackers!

All relationships are a playground for differences and diversity. Whether it’s a couple’s relationship or a client-therapist relationship, one encounters differences. In play we engage the multiple ways of performing our localized identity. But what is play? Participants will explore their notions of play in therapy and how they are playful as a therapist/coach. The presenter will draw on Performance Theory and Bateson to explore play while presenting findings of a research project on how therapists play in their practice. We will explore how to develop play as a presence, a creative activity and as a space for creatively engaging diversity in one’s practice. Come let’s play!


Contact Dr. Bava for play/workshop customization!