Play with Your Pace: Create Your Dreams

Daily on Twitter, I like to share a quote or a quip, playful or thoughtful, hopefully inspiring or reflective.

March 2012 Tweets

  • Uncertain? Learn to live in the in-between spaces.
  • Confused? Get in the game…play with the confusion. Confusion is the game, not what you think it is.
  • How to engage with your child? Pick up games from your own youth and play with them! Create a legacy and a bond!
  • Feeling stuck? Watch children play for a refresher course. Stuckness is a reminder of what’s missing in our life: PLAY!
  • In a conflict? Lean in: seek to learn about the other. Leaning out polarizes!
  • Our language shapes our interactions, our interactions shape our relationships, our relationships open and close possibilities!
  • Play with your pace and space to create newness.
  • Where is your focus? You grow what you focus on. What are you growing in your life?
  • Become the game you want life to be!
  • Invest in relationships! Social networks and family grow and support our health.
  • How to nurture your relationship? Take your relationship to bed, not your anger.
  • Afraid? Fear grows when held tightly. Hold ‘em lightly or open your fist….
  • Life is a playground….come over and play.
  • Making the emergent formulaic takes out the unexpected.
  • Learning is not about roles but about creating our lives. Make space for creative reflecting.
  • Take the leap of faith. I did from Houston to NYC…& loving my life!
  • Reflecting on our practices for living shapes our lives. In reflection we create the stories we live.
  • Dream into your creations…and create your dreams. Visit Imagine Chicago to learn how a city did dreaming & creating!
  • Couples: create your scripts for living. Honor what you received & works + play with the new. Improvising & creating is the recipe 4 success.
  • Travel teaches collaboration. Learn 2 live in b/w cultural spaces rather than crossing borders only.
  • Move from me to we: In the ways we communicate, we create the relationships we live; in the relationships, we create the world around us.
  • Differences r not meant 2 be solved rather they r spaces for creative, generative growth. Does it work if the difference is 2 different?

How do you play in life?

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